The Craft is not costly; usually there is very little money involved. The Robed Ones, in particular, never charge for initiation or membership, and request donations for instruction. A student is above all never refused instruction, initiation or membership based solely on an inability to pay dues or tuition. Instruction is never withheld from the sincere seeker of Wisdom. This does not mean that the members sponge off of the leaders, teachers or the Craft. The leaders never draw a salary from the Craft. As religious groups go, the costs are nominal.

Being Involved

It is the purpose of all gatherings of the Wise Ones, whether these be coven meetings, sabbats, classes or whatever to help the members of the Craft to grow in knowledge, wisdom, harmony, and love. If a member is to grow in these Ways then participation and involvement are vitally important. Wisdom and perfection are gained through involvement with the people and the things of Wisdom. Therefore, whenever one is summoned to a gathering of the Wise Ones it is considered important to attend.

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