Members of many Christian churches have been taught for several centuries that Witchcraft is antithetical to Christianity; that witches are evil-doers who worship an anti-Christ, and that somehow Witchcraft is a reversal, or parody, of Christianity and its sacred rites. Nothing could be more erroneous than this tragic idea. The very antiquity of the Craft rules this out. It is inappropriate that the Craft should parody a relatively new religion with sorry childishness such as a black mass or such foolishness. The Craft has forever taught the means of peace, harmony and love as the nature of our God and Goddess and recognizes the role of Christianity, and most of the world's other great religions in teaching these same ideals. Most Craft groups adapt themselves harmoniously to the culture in which they live and members frequently belong to orthodox churches. The idea that witches are forced to renounce all other religions is another falsehood. In a Christian culture witches might belong to a Christian church, etc. The view of most Craft members in our Judaeo-Christian civilization is that Jesus was the one of the greatest of Wise Men and that the Holy Bible is one of the largest depositories of written Wisdom in the World.

The idea that Witchcraft is an Anti-Christian perversion stems from the period of the great persecution when it was deemed desirable to suppress pagan religious activities in Europe following the successful evangelizing of Christianity in the Celtic culture. It is commonplace for any new religious order to characterize the followers and the Gods of any older religious system as "evil." This was done over a period of several hundred years and at a cost of millions of lives and the suppression of the european nature religion was so effective that the label of Witchcraft as "evil" persists in these "modern" times.

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