The Landmarks of the Druidic Craft of the Wise, the American Rite, provide that "Any person, be he male or female, who is of good mind, and free to decide for himself in good faith, who shall learn of the Craft and its Tenets, and shall desire to follow the Way, shall be permitted to do so.

"He shall make his desires known to any member of the Priesthood, and they shall observe his readiness and sincerity, and shall administer the Rites."

Simply write to us via email indicating that you are desirous of joining the American Rite.

Witche Ways

There were voices raised against the infamous Matthew Hopkins as this excerpt from a 17th century pamphlet proves.

There now goeth forthe in our land one calling himself Witche Fynder Generall. Many a towne and hamlet pay heed to his claime and give hime hire to discover the Witches in their midst. Yet 'tis all vaine: for his methods are most cruell and his meanes fals; and whoe, once accus'd, could acquit himself therof when denial and assent alike give sign of guilt? Nay, surely it is poore Innocentes alone that he ensnareth in his trap.

If ye would know a Witche, there are ways more sutil to detect them, than the pricking of a supposed Devill's Mark, or the submitting of their boddies to cruell Torture. Mere appearance telleth ye naught, for Witches doe come in divers shapes and sizes. They may aye be born gentil or humble. Accident concerneth us not; Substance is true Essence.

Hear ye then how our fathers before us discover'd the Witche:

Mark well their manner, for it is quiet and assumeth naught. It is in peacefull tones they speak, and oft seem abstracted. Seeming to prefer the company of Beastes, they converse with them as equals.

They will dwelle in lonely places, there better (as they say) to know the voices of the Wind and hear the secrets of Nature. Possessing Wysdom of the feldes and forrests, they doe heale and arme with their harvests.

They concerne themselves not with idle fashion, nor doe worldly Goodes hold worth for them.

Be not so confused as to think that only Womankynde harbour the gift in this matter. Of Men there bee many that holde mickle power.

Edward Johnston, Esq. Sudbery, Suffolk, 16

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