We have used the term "magic" herein without much definition. However, it means merely, "the practice of the teachings of the Magi." It is in this sense that we use it and in no other. It has been further defined by some as "the control of the visible world by invisible means." And again as "the kind of thought which creates things or makes things happen."

Why Should I Study Magic?

The reasons for studying magic are many and varied. Possibly foremost is the desire to be master of one's own fate, rather than drift with the tide of circumstance. Perhaps the next most popular reasons are financial. It goes without saying that the wisest of business men will rise to the top. Maybe you want a better job, a raise, or something similar. Why not use magic to get it?

Then there are those who are religious. They will be interested in the few bible quotes in the following pages. Would they like to know religion? It is impossible to understand the daughter religions of the world without knowing the Mother of all religions.

Many study the Craft to learn the ageless techniques of erasing fears, worries and mental blocks from their minds. They then get more happiness out of living, and are able to achieve that inner peace that passes understanding.

Are you in ill health? Has some "doctor" told you that you have an "incurable" disease? Natural medicine doctors aver that there is nothing incurable! Do you want to develop your mind? Learn the thousands of years old methods of doing so.

This list could be amplified many times. The Craft is the answer to any problem in life for everyone if they would but see it and understand it as it is.

Good vs. Bad Magic

The Craft defines good as that which leads one toward their goals, and bad as that which one leads away from one's goals.  Our stated goal is perfection.  Any magic which leads us toward that goal is good magic; and vice verse.  We also define good magic and bad magic based on the emotional state of the witch while performing the magical spell.  A relaxed emotion would be good; a tense emotion would be termed bad.

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