By now you have a good background for detecting errors, half truths and mis-information about the Craft contained in books which have been offered to the public. Books are written to sell, therefore they must tell the public what it desires to hear. These things are not necessarily the truth.

This web page however was not written to sell the public. It is a compilation of necessary information to inform the seeker of a few facts pertaining to the most secret organization in the world, and its teachings -- the Old Wisdom Religion.

In order to become eligible for membership in the Craft, one must study for a period of time the basic philosophy of the Craft with a qualified teacher. Joining the Craft is called an "initiation" or beginning, for it marks the beginning of your life in the Craft. However, it is like no other kind of fraternity, sorority, church or lodge initiation. There is no levity or fun made of anyone, no nudity or sex involved. It is solely a time of rebirth onto the Way to Perfection.

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