One does not just walk up to the door of something called a coven, fill out a membership card and walk right in. If you can--something is probably wrong. In any branch that deals sincerely with Wisdom there is no such thing as "Instant Witchcraft". Once you have found a coven, or come into contact with one, and have established a sincere desire to be a Wise one you will probably be interviewed by someone and you may perhaps appear before a group. It may be that the local High Priesthood him or herself may talk with you. Most of the DCW are found in America, as this group is sometimes called the American Rite.

You will be asked why you want to enter the Craft. A simple and serious answer will be sought, because everything hinges on this answer. You may be asked a series of questions having to do with your personal views and habits. No matter what you may think of this probing into your personal life, remember that your future studies in the Craft depend on the honesty and seriousness of your answers, no matter what the question.

Once you have become involved you will find that practices vary from group to group. Each Coven is independent and does things its own way, within the broad limits that are handed down as guidelines. You may choose to join a Coven and seek harmony and participation in the Arts of Wisdom with your brethren. You may also decide to attend classes and learn to become a Fellow of the Craft, or perhaps you will choose to study by correspondence. Whatever direction you may take there will undoubtedly be some means of study or involvement designed to help you grow in Wisdom. Every step forward takes time and you will find that you must prove to every group that you are the kind of person that is wanted by the group.

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