It is not uncommon for any of us to have known some older person who is very wise, especially in matters of natural medicine or herbal medicine, or to have known someone who is good at divining or reading horoscopes. Perhaps we have known, or known of, someone who holds a soothing, or healing power in their hands. Sometimes friends and neighbors of these unusual people laughingly refer to them as a "witch". Apparently this person is not part of any group or organization, never talks about her art, but simply does these things.

Such individuals are known as solitary witches. Either they are unable to be associated with a group or they are among that class of natural witches whose skills have been developed in previous lifetimes. There is a legend among witches that after practicing the Craft for seven lifetimes, thereafter they possess the knowledge and power of the Wise People automatically upon passing puberty.

Sometimes the explanation is less exotic. Sometimes she has been taught part of the Wisdom Teachings as an apprentice to a Craft group or by an individual Witch and is practicing what she has thus learned. The path to Wisdom is called The Way to Perfection. For some the Craft lies in solitary practice of the Arts; and for others it lies in association with a group of practicing Witches or through personal apprenticeship to an older Witch Teacher.

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